Toshiba laptop for kids

Toshiba’s Digital Products Division, a division of Toshiba America Information Systems, Inc., has announced the Satellite® L635 Kids’ PC, toshiba laptop for kidsToshiba’s first kid-centric laptop design, available exclusively at Best Buy. Designed in collaboration with Best Buy, the Satellite L635 Kids’ PC is a full-size laptop made for children aged five to 10 that provides a suite of entertainment and education software and allows parents to help ensure their children are staying safe on the Web.

Toshiba will offer first laptop geared specifically for kids.The Satellite L635 Kids’ PC is intended for children between the ages of five and 10 and provides entertainment and education software along with features to keep the user safe while browsing the Internet.

Many of the devices currently marketed to children are either netbooks or toy-based computers, said Jeff Barney, vice president and general manager of Toshiba’s digital products division.

“We have made a product that provides the right measure of fun and entertainment for children while meeting the computing needs and security concerns of their parents,” Barney said in a statement.

The laptop will be available for $499.

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