Fixing Windows startup error in Lenovo laptop

Recently I tried to fix a Lenevo Laptop where Windows XP Pro could not be System Restorestarted in normal mode. The procedure is not very hard and can easily be done by an average computer user.

You can do it your self with following steps.

The reason for this error is a hardware or software change or a faulty component or loose connection of hardware.

First of all you can try System Restore.In windows XP you can view existing System Restore points in Control Panel > System or Computer, Control Panel in Windows Vista and Windows 7. Click ‘Performance and Maintenance’ and choose System Restore from the list on the lefthand side. Choose ‘Create Restore point’ to manually create a point. To restore the laptop to an earlier point, choose “Restore my computer to an earlier time”.

You can also use Lenovo System Update tool. This tool will will automatically detect your laptop model and find and install any driver, software or Bios updates.

Please free to e-mail us the exact error, we will try to help you with remote maintenance in timely manner.