Manas Panda

I liked their responsibility. They really care for their customers. I had a need for immediate repairing. I had to submit my project and laptop was not running. Perhaps it was a minor problem but other repairing houses turn down my request. These people assisted me in getting my job done. I am thankful to them. I never expected someone will help me under this circumstance and these guys rescued me. I really appreciate their job.   Such an urgent job I have never experienced. The work was too good. They helped me and it was their attitude that helped me.

Ravi Arora

I received an immediate response to my problem. I really admire those guys. I had to work on my laptop the next day and I found the screen was totally black. I was shocked to see that. I called the guys for identifying the problem and they listened me. That was quite nice of them. They had my laptop and there was a small problem in the operating system. That was repaired by evening. And millions of thanks I started my next day’s job. I liked their fastest service and the guys really listen. What I have experienced before with some other repairing house did not happen with me with these guys. Thanks a lot…