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How to play DVDs and Blu-ray discs in Windows8 ?

Windows_8_Media_CenterA problem that many Windows 8 users is facing is that it will not play your DVDs or Blu-Ray discs. The reason is that Microsoft is not paying for the right to use the patented software technology needed to play DVDs anymore because most devices in the market nowadays do not even have optical drives. If you are a movie buff you will have to find third-party software that can play your disks such as VLC.

If you want to enhance Windows 8 you will have to pay Microsoft extra money to download the Media Centre software. This will enable DVD and Blue-Ray support. If you are using plain vanilla Windows 8 you will need to upgrade to the Pro pack, which comes with Media Center and some other unrelated features. Microsoft itself advises people to buy third-party DVD software instead of doing this. This is because upgrading will cost you more than Rs 5,000. It is best to avoid it.

If you are already using Windows 8 Pro you can download the Media Center pack for around Rs 550. Just open Control Panel, and click “Add Features to Windows 8”. You will be shown the upgrade available, depending on which version of Windows 8 you are using.

Those who have bought the Enterprise edition of Windows 8 will not be able to download the Media Center pack. It is best for them to download or buy additional software.